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From The Bucks Herald 25 June 2014

 Big praise for boarding school’s new ‘powerful’ tracker tool


A boarding school for special needs children has been commended for inventing a way of keeping a closer eye on pupils’ learning.

Ofsted has praised staff at Pebble Brook School in Aylesbury for the creation of ‘achievement’ logs, improving youngsters’ sense of ownership and allowing teachers to keep track of their progress.

In the Churchill Avenue school’s latest social care inspection report from Ofsted, the boarding facilities were rated as ‘adequate’ – rising from inadequate – but are not yet good because they need to provide toilet facilities closer to the sleeping accommodation.

The education authority also told the school it needed to have a register showing for each child in the school in order for it to meet minimum standards.

Headteacher at the Churchill Avenue school David Miller said: “We are always going to have issues around facilities because of lack of funding.

“We know Bucks County Council is looking at a financial restructure, and it will happen – we’re just not sure when.”

Mr Miller said he was very pleased with the report: “The boarding school has made significant leaps forward in the last 12 months, and this report is the best we’ve had in a few years. The hard work and dedication of the staff is very much appreciated.”


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Pebble Brook School is a community special school that believes everyone can succeed. We keep small classes and high staff ratios so that individuality can be respected. We have a clear focus on English and Mathematics. Everything else is designed to broaden our learning, our experiences and our achievements. From bricklaying to hairdressing, science to PE, everyone can meet their potential.


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