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Welcome to Pebble Brook School


Welcome to Pebble Brook School.  We are a Bucks Local Authority school for 120 pupils with specific learning difficulties serving pupils from across the County.


Our philosophy is deliberately simple.  Everyone at our school is given a chance to succeed.  We know all our pupils very well and we make sure they are happy and safe, they are taught well and that they are given everything they need to take their steps into the adult world.


Our classes are small so that we can individualise and personalise activities.  Progress is expected in every lesson and we offer additional support from speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and behaviour specialists.


We give plenty of attention to achieving quality qualifications in English, Maths, Science, PE, ICT, Design and Technology and Food Technology. 


Further to this we develop personal skills through the ASDAN Award and offer vocational subjects in small animal care, painting and decorating, construction, horticulture, health and social care, art and design and sports leadership.

We also link with Aylesbury college in offering motor mechanics and fashion and provide a wide range of work experiences..


Running through our lessons and leisure time are direct strategies to help our pupils grow as young citizens.  We believe strongly in Personal, Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development and this is assessed, monitored and developed across all year groups.


What is the most important thing to have when you leave our school?  We don't know exactly what it is yet, but we will do all we can to make sure it is the right thing for you and that it is what you want.


We are very proud of the fact that all our pupils leave with employment, an apprenticeship or a college course.  We are also very proud of their positive attitude and positive approach to being a part of the community they are about to enter.


Pebble Brook also has after school clubs on four nights a week and a boarding facility where pupils can extend all aspects of their development.


Our families and friends are part of our school.  We hope you feel well supported and have all the information and opportunities you need to join in your child's success.  


Everyone knows everyone else in our school.  It is a special feature and one we join together with openness and warmth to create somewhere that brings out the best in everyone.


Best wishes

David Miller



Pebble Brooks got talent 2017 winner on Mix 96 


Latisha, our winner of Pebble Brooks got Talent 2017, got to go to the Mix 96 studio for a tour. Last Friday 14th July between 7-8am Ben Moseby played a soundclip of Latisha performing.

Well done Latisha, Mrs Small.


To listen to the Mix96 clip CLICK HERE and skip to 1:27:40. Alternatively listen to the whole song by CLICKING HERE.  

Growth Mindset Coffee Afternoon


Thank you to the people who came to our lovely coffee afternoon to enjoy

tea and cakes. We also shared some of the Growth Mindset work which we

have been working on in school for some time now. Such a simple thing as

how to word the praise you give your child can make a difference on how

they learn. Putting the word 'yet' on the end of your sentence. "You can't do

that - YET."

Here are some examples of praise which you can give your child to

encourage a Growth Mindset which in turn makes them a better learner:

“It really shows when you work hard at your writing/football/painting.”

“The effort you put in makes us so proud.”

“I found Maths tricky at school but I needed to keep going and learn from

my mistakes.”

If you want any more information on how you can use Growth Mindset ideas

at home, please ask Family Liaison for a leaflet.


Sports Day 2017


Sports day has been an amazing success this year for everyone at Pebble Brook school. We would like to thank all of the parents and carers who came to watch the sporting activities and congratulate all students who took part. We hope everyone had an amazing time and will join us again next year for more sporting fun.


Take a look at the Sports Day gallery to see all of the amazing athletic students for yourself by CLICKING HERE.


Art Exhibition


The PBS Art Show was a great success with a varied showcase of talent, from visual to musical arts.  The school choir performed for a small audience of parents and staff as an example of our progress in the Performing Arts. They were wonderfully enthusiastic and it showed in their energetic renditions of classics like Space Oddity by David Bowie. Miss Vaughan was very proud of them. 

The examples of artworks from students included both 3D and 2D pieces and showcased skills and techniques that students have been developing over the past 12 months. It was an opportunity for students to take pride in their achievements and receive positive feedback from those closest to them. It was lovely to see the pride of their parents and teachers as they were shown around the exhibition by the students.

Thank you to all the parents who came in to support their talented children. We hoped you enjoyed the evening. And may this be a first of more to come.


If you missed the art exhibition then fear not as you can still view pictures from our online gallery by CLICKING HERE.





We now have a direct line to Boarding - 01296 433242

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